Before Santiago Opens

I love early mornings in Old Town. Before the bars and restaurants open, the historic streets surrounding my apartment are quiet except for the sounds of deliveries to restock vino, cerveza, and more for hungry pilgrims, tourists, and locals. The stacks add vibrant color and interest to my first outings each day with my dog.

I’m amazed at the quantities being delivered. Every. Single. Morning. We sure go through a lot of “refreshments” here in Santiago! It must be all that thirst we work up during our long walks. Wink. Wink.

What I find shocking beyond the amounts that are delivered daily, is that all these deliveries, and I mean, cases and cases of beer, wine, water, coke zero, and even bags of pasta, are just left out at the doors of the restaurants and bars. They sit there for an hour or two until the first employees show up to open the doors of the establishments. No one seems to ever steal these supplies. I can’t think of many major tourist cities where this stuff wouldn’t just “disappear”.

I so enjoy living in a city where it’s safe enough for this practice to continue and live in a city that is so lively that deliveries in these amounts are needed daily! I love living in Santiago.